A battle between law of attraction and destruction

In the law of attraction anything we want we can have.

But to make things fare in all reality there is a law of oppression and destruction.

I causes all things to need come together like gravity or within gravity, and thus light is born and seperated from the darkness.

But the problem now become reality. Why is it that things don’t seem as if we have powers? It seems that’s because if we found out that they were real than this reality would not matter so much because everyone will seek out the power.

But what if the power was actually there and yet we are just forgetting it? I use to believe and I still do. I know spirits are real.

But I also know that this world is slowly destroying itself and leading away from creativity. Yet perhaps it’s not. Within me I know I can create more perhaps, but I’m being stopped by the external forces of destruction. But they are not doing so well.

They are trying to stop me from doing all that I can. Yet none of this can be proven. It is just a spiritual observance of my own life. So now we wonder why all the magic seems gone, but part of the reason is the taking away of people’s individual rights.

When people’s individual rights are taken away they can no longer create

This is why the world will end this way.

Now it’s time to awaken the forces of they are still there. Will the earth wreak havoc for it?

I must remember that I can do anything. I must remember that I can show the power of God and I must show people that they can too before it’s too late . We must give them a


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